My Last Post, Finalized.


Goodbye Lovelies.

I know many of you probably forgotten about me, it’s been so long. This blog, I realized, was mostly devoted to a single person- one that I have left behind forever, which I promise you all, is for the better.
I wrote an open letter a while back and finally just published it. It’s mostly for one last attempt at closure that I never got.

Since then, I wrote drafts about my lovers following him… I’ve been through a fairy tale romance and a world-shattering heartbreak. I’m sorry that I haven’t told you all about it, I guess that’s just how life goes right? Ups and downs. There’s a whole lot of them that you’ve missed.

I’ve changed a hell of a lot in just a few months, and infinitely more in just the past couple of years. It’s strange and wonderful.

I may start a new blog for the new me, but unless you somehow run into me, I suppose this is goodbye.
I’ll miss your sexy faces, Lovelies. Perhaps we’ll meet again someday?

I love you!


An Open Letter to My First Love, Lost


I hate you.

I hate every single thing about you. Not just the cliche things like how you took my heart and manipulated my feelings and never treated me the way I deserved.
No, I hate everything else too. I hate remembering how easily I fell for you, disregarding all of the red flags.
I hate your habits and your “demons”. I hate how you use your own struggles to play the victim card. I hate how I always wanted to be there for you, help you in some way.
I hate how you never take responsibility for your multitude of screw ups.
I hate how even though I hate you, you were my first everything and I’ll never  be able to completely get rid of you.

But here’s the thing. I know I cut ties before. I’ve tried lots of times to push you out. But I’m done. You’ll never change and you don’t even deserve to be in my thoughts.

After I fell in love again I realized something- You were my first love, but not my true love. I’ve felt love deeper than you ever gave me. I’ve felt more meaning in temporary relationships. I’ve built and broken walls, and patched up holes that you left, and I learned that there’s much, much more than the likes of you.
And I realized that I gave you too many chances, forgave too much, let you into my mind and my heart far too many times. That’s not my fault.
I’ve been way too nice to you, and I’m done.

Consider this goodbye, I’m erasing everything that has to do with you.
Good riddance, my almost lover, my debaucher, my drug dealer, my struggling ex-friend, my weakness, my downfall.

Long past moving on.

Coins and Dice


Someone once told me that when you’re making a decision in life, to imagine that you are flipping a coin (or, actually flip one, if you don’t have much of an imagination). Depending on whatever the (perhaps metaphorical) coin lands on, you can then gauge your own feelings on the result: are you disappointed?
This is called listening to your heart.

I used to think this was the best piece of advice anybody had ever given me.
I finally let myself flip a coin and took down some of my walls, I let myself take a few chances, and I liked it.
So I kept flipping coins…

Do you want a sandwich or a burrito?
Do you want to meet new people or not?
Do you want to dance at prom?
Do you want to try something new,
meet a boy at a river,
let him kiss you,
sneak out to see him,
make-out in a parking lot,
go all the way with him?

Do you see the problem?

I won’t pretend that I’m years wiser and all-knowing now. No, I’m far from it.
Every day I am growing and learning more about myself, more about relationships, more about love. But I have gone through some eye- opening experiences. I know what regret is.
Regret is throwing judgement to the wind and taking too many chances. Regret is ignoring your voice of reason because you’ve finally learned how to jump feet-first into something new without looking back.
In two days, it’ll be exactly one year since that night in the parking lot.

For someone like me, who took eighteen years and all of high school just to dance with someone, to let anybody into her heart, or even let herself have a good time with friends, flipping a coin does come in handy. It’s good to get a little reckless because hey, it’s true– you only live once.
Flipping a coin is great at first, but when it comes to important matters, I think it’s also important to consider rolling the dice.
What I mean is, there’s not always just two outcomes. It’s not always “I do this or I don’t”. You shouldn’t base decisions solely on whether you’ll be disappointed if the best outcome doesn’t happen. Instead, maybe you should think of dice; there are so many different combinations, with lots of factors to consider. Rolling the dice means understanding that there’s a chance of the unexpected or the undesirable.
This is called listening to reason.

The trick is finding a good combination of heart and brain, spontaneity and planning, chance and reason; coins and dice.
Hello Lovelies ;D
It’s nice to see your lovely faces again.
A year ago tonight, I was a virgin. I was probably making out in the back of a car in a parking lot past curfew, wondering if this boy– this boy I have avoided for years because I knew him as a player, a heartbreaker, a Casa Nova; yet who has a charming voice, smile, says all the right words, treats me like he feels the same as I do him– wondering if this boy is “special enough” to give my virginity to.
A year ago tonight, I probably messaged him my feelings, telling him that I finally decided that it’s okay, because sex is just sex and I felt like I would lose him once I left for the summer. I thought I was running out of time and I had been waiting for someone special, but he was my first everything else; he seemed special enough.
Special enough.
That last word is what bothers me. “Enough”.
I regret that night, in the back seat of a car, in a parking lot. Because it was anything but special.
My advice to anyone reading this… Sure, flip some coins, take some chances. But roll the dice before you do something you might regret. Whether that’s losing your virginity to the wrong guy or drinking on peer pressure or even jumping off a diving board before you’re ready, don’t ignore your better judgement, don’t settle, and don’t think good “enough” is good enough. Save yourself for someone special, save yourself from harm, and save yourself from regret.
Anyway Lovelies, that’s what I’ve been pondering on. Thanks always for reading 🙂 I hope to see your sexy faces again next time!

Muddy Waters


When you look into a body of water – be that a puddle, a river, or a pond – you will see a reflection of some nature. The quality and clarity of the reflection and the ease of seeing the contents of the body of water depend on the cleanliness and translucence of the water. Take the glacier-formed lake Chelan in Washington, for example; Lake Chelan is the 3rd deepest lake in the US. It is so deep that the house-sized (or larger) boulders and sunken trees hundreds of feet below look like twigs and pebbles just under your toes. It’s almost eerie how clearly you can see to the very depths of the lake. You can see everything if you care to look.

Things like rivers though, they are always changing (queue Pocahontas). One day they could be dirty, some naturally always are. Others seem pristine until you take a step in and stir up a cloud of dirt, muddying the water for minutes or more until the disturbed dust settles. Of course, adding mud to even the clearest waters makes things harder. The water gets murky. It’s more difficult to see what your looking for, or if there is anything /to/ see. Things get messy.

Sometimes, all you can do is wait for the mud to settle.

Today, I spent five hours with Darion. How can that be, you ask? How is it possible when I had cut him out, lost all connections, deliberately ignored him for weeks? Well, Lovelies. That is a story on it’s own, but here’s the summary: There is a loophole to everything and I am a weak-willed hopeless romantic. I found out that blocking someone’s iPhone /number/ does not necessarily block that same person’s iPhone /email/ ID, thus leaving the door of communication cracked open.
And ofcourse, I kept it that way. Because I am not 100% morally sound and I think that no matter how hard I try, it will be impossible to fully eradicate those feelings. Firsts are big, and he will always be my first (almost) everything.

Anyway… He’s been talking to me more. He doesn’t like how so many people are getting cut out of his life and lost, plus he hasn’t had sex in a while. He’s romantically and sexually frustrated and I am on his list of options for these problems. Mostly the latter, I assume, though the former may play a role there somehow. Basically, he wants to feel those things again, and he’s trying to use me to feel them.
So he’s been texting me and he asked me to give him a ride from work and I did. Because today was my day off and I was just spending it reading anyway. Why not? (besides the possibility of something happening…) So I did and then he invited me to hang out. Maybe shower together (I politely declined), get snow cones (I politely accepted), maybe drive around a bit (I also accepted this, leading to the real fun).
Now we drove around for a while. We ended up out on the country roads, turning at random, almost making it to a nearby tiny town before inevitably getting stuck in the mud. Just my luck, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with the one person in town that I really shouldn’t be stuck in the middle of nowhere with. And who could I call? My dad? That would turn out well… He honestly wants to kill Darion. Or at least severely injure him. Plus I did not want to face the repercussions of what he would think of or say to me about my poor decisions.

It took hours of -playing-in-the-mud- fruitless effort to un-stick Carlotta from the mud and deliberating on whether or not to call my dad (who has very strong feelings about Darion) to rescue us or call AAA to be charged $300+ to rescue us, before we saw a truck conveniently rumbling down the road towards us. A nice ex-Texan with a strong accent stopped and talked to us, and offered to pull us out if we gave him time to go get the chains or whatever. We honestly didn’t have a choice, but if we did, he was the best one.
It took about another hour, but finally the very friendly cowboy pulled us out of the mud and we were home free. He wouldn’t accept any money from us, but accepted our sincere “thank you”s.

But lovelies, here’s the part that I’ve been avoiding: I kissed him. Well, I let him kiss me. I don’t know, I guess both. He was tempting me all day, manipulating my feelings. He knows what he was doing, he even talked about it. He explained how he likes to hook and tease feelings and play with emotions and desires, all the while demonstrating on me. He finds your weaknesses and plays on them. He knows that singing with me is a quick way to lower my walls. He knows that being open emotionally in turn opens me up too. He knows just where to brush lightly or what to say to turn me on, and it works. I knew what he was doing, and I resisted for hours. But then, out there in the middle of nowhere, with the sun shining and the wind blowing and the trees and birds and long grass all dancing around us, with hours to spare and tension growing… He got closer to me and ended up on top of me as I leaned against my car. He ran his fingers along my neck, he ran his nails up my back, his breath gave me goosebumps as he kissed my neck. He gazed into my eyes. He teased me. He kissed me.

The whole time I gently stopped him, saying that it was wrong, that I have a boyfriend, that I shouldn’t, that he was being bad. I was being bad too. I didn’t try to stop him enough. I didn’t resist my feelings enough. I know what he does, and I let myself fall for it. But I did finally push him away and said, “I think you should stop now.” It was awkward, and he kept trying afterwards. But I didn’t. We got rescued, I dropped him off, and later when we met at a restaurant so I could return his forgotten wallet, he hugged me. I didn’t appreciate that- anyone could have seen. Even though a hug could just be a hug. He is still texting me inappropriately, and I try not to egg him on.

The thing is, the waters were finally clearing with me and Harriel. A bit of dirt got thrown in recently (I might tell you sometime, it has to do with his ex…) but now, at least for me, the clearing water has turned to mud. Darion always mucks up my relationship it seems. I don’t know whether I should tell Harriel about today. He doesn’t even want me texting him, let alone spending hours with him… or kissing him…
I don’t think I can tell him.

I guess now I just have to try not to stir up anymore dirt and try to let the mud settle.

Cliche Post About Love


Hello lovelies 🙂

Sometimes you look at someone and for a moment you everything in the background stops and all you think is, “God how could I be so lucky?” And you have to just quietly enjoy the feeling, and try to soak up the moment as much as you can. You can’t help but smile and think to yourself just how happy and how completely in love you are with this man.
Every time I look at harriel, this is how I feel. Like he’s all I need, and all I want, and being with him makes me feel wonderful.
It’s random moments- when we are walking back from the caf and he slides his fingers through mine and I look up at him and his eyes crinkle in his smile, when we are laying next to each other just talking about anything and there’s a pause in the conversation and we both just look at each other and then he leans in to kiss me, when he says something cheesy or teases me and we both laugh and then we keep laughing and in the middle of this laughter I look over at him and recognize just how handsome he is. Sometimes we will be doing absolutely nothing and I just get this feeling like, “wow this guy is so amazing. I love him so much.”
It’s hard to put my feelings into words this time… It’s just this feeling. Like a tug on my heart when I look at him. It’s a beautiful feeling- to admire and appreciate somebody’s existence so much. To have someone that makes you as happy as harriel does me. I am so lucky to be with him. I can’t imagine anything better, or anything without him.
Well lovelies, I’ve tried to pour a bit of my heart out to you. It’s hard for me to express exactly how lucky and loved I feel, but God, it’s so amazing. It’s sort of how I feel about you all 😉 I’m so lucky to have you all as readers, and it’s a wonderful feeling to know you guys are actually put there, reading my blog. Anyway, until next time. I’ll see your sexy faces again soon ;D

Staring into the sun


Like the child that touches the hot stove to see if it’s hot,

Or the kid that stares into the sun when they are told they could go blind,

I stared straight into your eyes and reached for your heart.

I should have known how untouchable you are. I should have known you were too bright to see.

I should have listened when they said I’d get burned.

Why hello there lovelies 🙂
I happened to be walking with harriel across campus today–it was cloudy but still bright, the way cloudy days are sometimes. We were holding hands and laughing and joking. I’m not sure what about, but I know he makes me so, so happy, Lovelies. Anything I could say about him would be so cliche, yet absolutely true. Anywho, I heard a bird near us and watched it fly from the lake into the sky. But as it took flight, it flew straight into the path of the sun. For an instant, it’s shadow blocked the bright rays but the next second I was blinded. I was stunned of course and Harriel asked me if I was okay. I tried to look at him but I was blinded. In that moment, I realized just how metaphorical it all was. Because I’ve been blinded by love before, I’ve been burned.
So here’s a random poem- the result of that sudden inspiration. Thanks for reading lovelies, I’ll see your sexy faces next time 🙂

Now I Know Why They Call Them ‘Heartstrings’


Hello Lovelies 🙂
Cutting strings; in theory, strings are thin and weak- easy to break, tear, cut. In reality, sometimes those strings are tied to something vital, like your heart. Those are harder to cut. It’s almost sure to cause irreparable damage.
I finally cut ties last night. I’ve been avoiding it, trying to fade away instead of break off. But Harriel has been wanting me to completely stop talking to Darion, and yesterday he saw me texting him a lot (because some drama was unfolding again), and so he told me to block him. And so I did. Because I want Harriel to understand that I love him, only him. And if I’m with him, I guess I don’t need Darion.

It’s just hard. Because I miss Darion, and he showed me a glimpse of how things used to be, how things could be. We laughed and sang and talked. Even after months of trying to ignore him and let him live his life, and let me live mine, it was so easy to just let him walk back into mine–it almost felt like it never happened. I felt comfortable with him so quickly.
But then I could tell he wanted more than just a friend to talk and sing and laugh with. I could tell he wanted to kiss, to touch. He kept alluding to sexual encounters, planting ideas of doing more. That’s what he does- he does and says just the right things to make me think and do the things he’d like. He makes me remember feelings and good times, so that I want to make more. Even though he knows I have a boyfriend. And he should know by now that I’m terrified of being used again, because that’s all anybody ever does, they use me.

And that’s what I was telling him over one very long ranty text message when Harriel came back from his theatre rehearsal. He could tell I was upset, and then when I told him that I gave Darion a ride and hung out at his house for a little while, he got a bit paranoid. And he got a bit angry. He was stuck between trying to comfort me and give me sound advice about Darion, and being upset about different scenarios he was seeing in his head. I assured him that nothing happened, and when Darion replied with just the right words to convince me that I mean /something/ to him, that I am actually the one that hurts -him- with my doubts, Harriel assured me that everything Darion tells me is basically a lie. I still want to believe that everything he does isn’t to use me, but I have so much proof stacked against him. I don’t think he’ll ever change.

And so, as I was distraught over all the drama of “does he care or not?”, in my moment of weakness with strong words being whispered in my ear, Harriel deleted Darion’s number from my phone, blocked his number, and told me that I should block him from everything else, too. I wanted to save my last two messages to him, just to remember why I was doing it, but Harriel told me that I should just forget about it. So before he left to take his shower and go to bed, he watched as I slowly cut each thread to Darion, deleting him, unfollowing him, and blocking everything.

It hurt. I still have stupid emotional attachments to him. I wish I didn’t. My head screams, “forget about him”; my heart whispers, “but you loved him”. So cutting all ties with him hurts. I want to know what he has to say to me. I want to have boring idle chat with him. I’d like to keep him as a friend. That’s why it’s been so hard for me to try to ignore him. Harriel doesn’t like that it hurts me. He doesn’t like knowing that I still have some feelings for Darion besides hate. He wants me to hate Darion as much as he must–it would all be so much easier if I did. But I can’t. I don’t know how some people can just drop others out of their lives so easily.
Harriel also said that if Darion tries to talk to me, just to let him take care of it so that I don’t have to be involved with him anymore. And as I was shedding a few tears over blocking Darion out of my life, he told me, “and I don’t recommend blogging about it.” He knows Darion can read my blog. But I need an outlet, I can’t just hold all this inside. And in some sort of way, I guess I’m reaching out to Darion, too.
I want to undo it. I don’t like dropping anybody out of my life. I give so many second chances because I have so much forgiveness. Or ignorance, maybe that’s it. I don’t know.
But then maybe this is a good thing. Maybe everything will be easier this way.

Until next time, Lovelies 🙂 I’ll see your sexy faces again soon!

Quick College Complaint


Hello again Lovelies,

I’m going to complain again today, because this is my blog and I can write whatever I need to write to get my thoughts out. Sorry Lovelies, I guess I’m being a bit selfish today. I’ll try to be better soon.

I’m currently sitting in my bed, smelling Chenxi’s strangely odored noodles, listening to her melodramatic Chinese movies, with her three unnecessary lamps shining right into my eyes. The window is open and it’s too cold but her food stinks. Also I miss my boyfriend but his roommate is moody and doesn’t like coming home from work and finding me there hanging out in his room. Harriel’s only like ten feet away but I can’t see him. And he got into playing League of Legends, so now he spends lots of time doing that. I’m tired of that game. And Ryan is in the lobby singing happy songs on his guitar and I want to sit out there but I’m already bra-less and wearing Harriels shirt as pajamas and also I’m socially awkward so I guess I’ll just sit here venting about how I don’t like dorm life anymore.

Also I missed a day of my birth control so my stupid uterus thought it was time to start murdering itself, even though I have a week left. Which means by the time this fake period ends, the real one will start up. Yay, double menstruation! Let’s hope I don’t bleed to death. Only morbidly half-joking. Sorry lovelies, I’m in a weird funk today.

Alright, maybe next time I write it will be meaningful.

Sayonara, I’ll see your sexy faces next time 🙂

I’m Bummed and Bored and I Miss Having a Best Friend


Hello there Lovelies 🙂

I was going to write a beautiful post about how happy I am with Harriel and how lucky I am to have him and tell you about some things we’ve done recently, but I’m feeling really bummed about lots of other stuff right now and I just need to get it out.

Okay, so I’m in college. And sometimes, I absolutely love it. I love the independence, I love that I can choose my own classes and figure out what I’m doing in life, I love the sense of responsibility and I like taking walks on campus and last semester I liked finding parties and flirting with all the boys and everything. College.

But right now, I just really really miss high school. I miss seeing the people that I’ve seen since kindergarten every day. I miss hating the preppy barbie doll girls and I miss breezing through all of my classes like I somehow intrinsically knew every single thing. Like physics. How did I ever know all that crap without ever looking at the board or in a book??
But mostly, I just miss my best friend.
I miss being with my best friend for like, 12 hours of every day. I miss spending most weekends with her. I miss basically being a part of her family. I miss the daily schedule of seeing people at school and doing homework and always talking to her about everything. I miss all the teachers that loved us because we were smart even though we screwed around in class. I miss being weird with her and always laughing. I miss breaking all the rules and getting away with it because the teachers knew us. I miss being asked “where’s Rebecca” anytime she wasn’t right next to me, because she was always next to me. I miss doing everything with her.

If there’s such a thing as platonic soul mates, that’s us. We were the most inseparable twins. She is me. I miss her.
If she were a boy, I’d sound like an obsessive ex-girlfriend. It’s not crazy to miss your best friend like this, right?

Ugh. I’m just sad and lonely now.

I’m also bummed because I don’t have any friends and I do the same thing, over and over, every day. My whole life is routine. I didn’t even know we had a vending machine in our building or that there was a building connected to my building, because I never go outside of my regular path to class, lunch, homework, shower, sleep. I’m not involved in anything, I don’t talk to or see people ever. I just want to hang out with people and do fun things every once in a while.

I’m sorry for complaining, lovelies. I know these posts never go anywhere. I could probably keep going about how I’m lonely, but until next time, I shall bid you adieu.
So long, farewell…
Haha well I’ll see your sexy faces next time (when hopefully I’ll be back to my more meaningful, perhaps poetic posts) ;D