La Chandeleur


Today for french class, we celebrated the french holiday La Chandeleur, where traditionally families make crepes. It is said that if you successfully flip your crepe in the pan while holding a gold coin, your year will be full of good luck.

Naturally, I am one out of two people in the entire class that could not flip their crepe. I almost had it. After one of those epic slow-mo scenes with the thin pancake like disk flipping gracefully through the air once, twice, and a third time, coming back down right to the pan and…… it caught the rim, and flipped off, landing flat on the floor along with my pride.

Atleast I can say I wasn’t the only one, right? Wrong. The other person didn’t disrespect their crepe and show off their failure with a flop on the floor, they just couldn’t get their crepe to flip out of the pan. It was just stuck. Not sure what that means for bad luck, but it really pours lemon juice on MY paper-cut.

But afterwards, somebody else gave me an edible crepe that had been successfully flipped and had had no contact with the floor, and I covered it with some great toppings and we all sat around listening to french music and chatting over red solo cups of coca cola. I ended up having a major sugar rush through speech and a horrible crash during orchestra. I seriously wanted to fall asleep.

But then I was in a really good mood the rest of the day, I sang happy birthday to my Grandma Karen, I came home and finished my Precalculus homework, and I cleaned my room.

Sort of… I TRIED to clean my room…

Have you ever had that moment when your room is just SO messy that it’s impossible to clean? That’s me. Right now. I have laundry piles, both clean and dirty, covering my floor, books and homework scattered all over my desk, and an overall cluttered feeling, cloggin up my brain. I have to clean it. Now. But I can’t.

I tried starting with my closet, but all I accomplished was organizing my shoes and deciding that my “box o’ stuff” (which I discovered was full of indespensible memories) will remain stuffed full, keeping my closet cluttered. Which means that tomorrow when I do my laundry, I will have to stuff my clothes into an already stuffed full closet. Oh well, at least my room will be… better. I really will clean my room, some time in the near future.

But I found some old pictures from camp, and I really miss those times. When me and my bestfriend were cute and little, and the worst things we worried about were if the lifeguards would let us swim in the deepend today and if that wasp had finally left our tent. Oh, the good old days…


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